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Time-Based Operations

All market research and development within digital Air Traffic Management points to that accurate information of atmospheric conditions is imperative for Time-based Operations (TBO). TBO is the first step of the major European SESAR project as well as the US NextGen initiative, aimed at modernizing air transport systems to gain a much-needed increase in airspace and airport capacity, as well as increased safety. TBO involves the ability to, always, be able to accurately predict where an aircraft will be positioned during a flight, and within seconds when it is to land. To achieve those objectives, one need to consider actual individual aircraft performance as well as the current meteorological conditions.

That information furthermore needs to be integrated in the control systems of airports and air navigation service providers for the air transport system to be optimized. Differently put, TBO increases the capacity and efficiency of the air transport system by significantly reducing variation and waste. Variation and waste are both results of lack of specific data for automation and human operators and AVTECH has the capability to reduce variation and waste through innovative use of data (meteorological, FMS, ADS-B, etc.) in modular systems utilizing an airborne perspective.

Watch this video on how AVTECH envisions the future Time-based Operations technology!

Time-based Operations vision