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Can Southwest Airlines, easyJet, Lufthansa and Norwegian be wrong? They discovered valuable savings. Does your airline like to try it free of charge?

The AVTECH Aventus System, a unique weather uplink service that sends weather alerts directly to the Cockpit. All Aventus products use AVTECH’s unique weather service to send curated weather information from the world’s most advanced forecasts based on the high resolution meteorological models from Met Office (UK).

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About the Aventus System

Improve your pilot’s flight execution performances with minimum effort. AVTECH’s unique real-time weather information system deliver weather data directly into the aircraft flight management system.

AVTECH’s fully automated cloud-based system runs for each flight from flight initialization until touch down. Combining the active route in the aircraft FMC with High Resolution Weather (HRW) provides the pilot with the latest, most accurate and detailed wind-, temperature- and turbulence forecast available. The uplinked weather data supports the pilot to operate in a more optimized- , fuel efficient- and safer manner.

Met Office (UK), one of the two authorized World Area Forecast Centers to the aviation industry, has developed a new weather forecast model, namely High Resolution Weather (HRW). The newly developed model has a resolution of 10 kilometers compared to the traditionally 140 kilometers model. The improved granularity highly increases the accuracy of forecasted wind, temperature and turbulence.  

AVTECH and Met Office have combined our technical uniqueness’s, the HRW forecasts and the ability to uplink detailed and accurate information based on the actual aircraft trajectory directly via data link to the on-board FMC.

In most cases our uplink services can be deployed and start creating benefits with little or no involvement of the airline IT department.

The experience so far 

Southwest Airlines in the US was the first airline in the world to use Aventus NowCast for more accurate decent profiles. The result was a big reduction of disturbance reports and a substantial fuel saving.

EasyJet was the first airline to test and order the Aventus Full flight version. Lufthansa Cargo was the first airline in the Lufthansa Group that tested and selected the Aventus Full flight version. Norwegian Airlines has also recently joined the group of users. During more than 4 million flights the system has helped pilots in these airlines to create smoother, more accurate and less fuel consuming flights.

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