Case Study with AVTECH and Norwegian

Today you can read a case study with AVTECH and Norwegian, using ClearPath for a fully optimized cruise profile! Do not miss this in the March-April issue of Aircraft IT Operations eJournal.  



30 days free trial

We are now offering all new ProFlight users a 30 day free trial of ProFlight Premium! 

It includes high-resolution weather information such as CAT- forecasts (horizontally and vertically), real time CB information via satellite, smart descend winds and much more.

To try it all you have to do is to follow this link and register, without any commitment: https://proflight.avtech.aero/sign-up/


10 000 000 UPLINKS

We are proud to announce that we recently delivered our 10 000 000th information uplink to an aircraft in flight. This solidifies AVTECHs market position as a producer of precise and timely information to enhance tactical flight execution. Around the clock. 365 days per year.

AVTECH – The right information to the right user at the right time