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AVTECH announces a new cooperation with Norwegian Air Shuttle



AVTECH Sweden AB initiates a cooperation with Norwegian Air Shuttle with the purpose of reducing their fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Norwegian Air Shuttle –the biggest airline in the Nordics-  and AVTECH are initiating a cooperation with the purpose to further develop AVTECH’s weather information service Aventus NowCast™.
In a joint project, in part financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, pilots on Norwegian flights will during a trial period receive wind- and temperature information of the highest possible quality with the purpose of exploring the possibility of reducing fuel consumption and, thereby, reducing the environmental footprint.

AVTECH is the only company in the world that can distribute processed weather information from the most advanced forecasts available, derived from the High resolution meteorological model from Met Office (UK), directly to airlines and pilots.
The Aventus NowCast™ weather service give pilots access to weather data of the highest available quality, and when the data is fed into the aircraft Flight Management Computer, the actual aircraft trajectory can be optimized, reduce the fuel burn and CO2 footprint

“We are proud and pleased to begin this cooperation with Norwegian” says Soren Skog, Marketing director of AVTECH. “Because of their extensive network, frequent number of flights and state-of-the art fleet of aircraft, they are an ideal partner when developing our Aventus product line. Through our cooperation with Norwegian we are able to raise our services to another level, adding benefits for both our customers and the environment.

“Norwegian’s fleet of aircraft is one of the most environmentally friendly in the world. Our ambition is to continue reducing emissions per passenger and help make aviation carbon neutral by 2050. We want to reduce the environmental footprint by flying the most modern and fuel-efficient aircraft in the skies and to help test and develop solutions for the future. Combining AVTECH’s communication solution with their access to high quality weather may reduce our environmental footprint even further” says Director of Flight Operations at Norwegian, Tomas Hesthammer.

As this project has the potential to reduce emissions and associated environmental impact, AVTECH has been granted financing (in part) from The Swedish Energy Agency. The joint project is planned to last between October 2017 and February 2018 and the result will be reported to the Agency in accordance with the grants decision.



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