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IATA Turbulence Aware integrated in proFLIGHT



See a presentation from AVTECH about how the combination of the best available weather forecasts and the Turbulence Aware data (the actual conditions) significantly improves the pilots’ situational awareness.

Last week AVTECH’s Chairman of Board, Bo Redeborn, presented our IATA Turbulence Aware integration into proFLIGHT app at the IATA Turbulence Aware Forum in Chicago. We have now made a recording to be able to share this presentation online as well.

It is a short presentation (10min) that explains how proFLIGHT addresses turbulence using Met Office 10K weather forecast combined with IATA Turbulence Aware real-time data. This combination of a great forecast together with the actual experienced turbulence gives pilots more accurate decision support. See the presentation by following this link!



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