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AVTECH in-depth collaboration with Met Office (UK) is starting to yield increased results



The in-depth collaboration with Met Office (UK) is starting to yield increased results in the market place

Currently, Aventus SIGMA (turbulence warning system) is running in the AVTECH test environment. This new product, which is the result of a technical collaboration between Met Office (UK) and AVTECH, has so far been positively reviewed in the aviation industry. The plan is to have the system fully tested during 3 months together with easyJet, planned to start within 4-6 weeks. 

Recently, an agreement was also reached between Met Office (UK), easyJet, Gatwick Airport and AVTECH. The agreement includes, as a first step, that the parties submit a joint application to the SESAR Joint Undertaking to implement a large-scale Aventus-based timing system at Gatwick Airport. A request for EU part-financing of MSEK 10 is part of the application. The project is scheduled for completion in 2018/2019. This is the first time when TBO (Time Based Operation) will be able to be carried out on a large scale with the ability to measure long-term efficiency gains for airlines, airports and involved air traffic controllers. MetOffice (UK) and AVTECH have been asked to run the project .

Lufthansa Cargo has completed half of the agreed test period

Just before the turn of the year, AVTECH successfully implemented Aventus NowCast Full-flight for Lufthansa Cargo. The paid for test continues according to plans. During the late spring, a planned follow-up meeting will be held between Lufthansa Cargo, Met Office (UK) and AVTECH.

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