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Norwegian saves fuel using advanced weather data



Follow Captain Stig Patey on an optimal flight to Tromsö, using Aventus Air weather service

It started with a trial project in autumn 2017 where a final report from the Swedish Energy Agency shows that fuel consumption is reduced by 22 kg per flight. For Norwegian, this will amount to approximately 5,000 tonnes of fuel a year, corresponding to 16,000 tonnes of CO2.

”This is an average for all flights. We have experienced on certain routes that the savings may be quadruple” says Stig Patey, Captain at Norwegian.

Norwegian has since 2017 been using the Aventus Air weather service from AVTECH Sweden. The advanced weather data which AVTECH curates and distributes is delivered by Met Office, the UK meteorological authority. 

Cover photo shows flying in to Tromsö airport from 6.300 feet.
Photo by  Eirik Helland Urke



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