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Now available in App Store - Get the AVTECH proFLIGHT 10K weather app (iOS/iPad) for professional pilots

All flight related weather information presented and visualized in a single place. Powered by the Met Office 10KM Resolution Global Weather model proFLIGHT can improve the safety and comfort of passengers and crew. The forecast is tailored to the flight's trajectory and time. Turbulence can be avoided or reduced. If turbulence is encountered, the crew will have the best information possible for the climb/descent decision. 

Read More about the   logo-blue-transparentapp and Sign up for a 3 month free subscription. 



  • AVTECH draws attention to an informative article about Aventus in Norwegian media
  • Norwegian airline has been a customer of AVTECH since December 2018.
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  • Norwegian saves fuel using advanced weather data
  • Follow Captain Stig Patey on an optimal flight to Tromsö, using Aventus Air weather service
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