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proFLIGHT Officially Launched



For more information please go to the proFLIGHT webpage:

*For pilots* We would like to celebrate this launch with a giveaway of a one-year Premium plan. We will draw one lucky winner; all you have to do to enter the giveaway:
1. Answer the question: For how long have you been a pilot?
2. Sign up as a proFLIGHT user and requite one of your fellow pilot colleagues to become a proFLIGHT user by adding their contact information (name, email and company).

Send your answers at the latest 11th of December to mark your email with "Giveaway".



  • The difference between WAFS forecasts and high-resolution forecasts
  • What is the difference between WAFS weather and high-resolution forecasts and how do the Met Office UK and AVTECH co-operate?
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