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Save, Safe and get Comfort with 10K Weather



Airlines can easily save both money and the environment

AVTECH has developed a very precise weather and wind data product portfolio to help aircrafts fly as economically and comfortably as possible – without the airlines having to invest in any new equipment. 

“The good news for airlines is that AVTECH’s services use already existing onboard equipment”, says Bo Redeborn, independent aviation consultant and Chairman of the Board at AVTECH. “On a yearly basis it saves a lot of money and makes flights significantly safer and more comfortable for both passengers and crew.”

Another major benefit from AVTECH Aventus is that the services are scalable to airlines of different sizes and shapes.

Our core products are: 

SIGMAWeather hazards uplinked in real-time through ACARS and presented in a pilot friendly format. Delivers improved cockpit decision support for avoidance of turbulence and other hazards for a safer and more comfortable flight. 

NOWCAST: Wind optimization solutions to increase efficiency of individual flights with a proven fuel saving potential. Airlines with Autoload capable aircraft benefit from a fully automatic wind uplink service. 

proFLIGHT: EFB tablet app providing pilots with AVTECH’s unique weather briefing information, as found in SIGMA and NOWCAST, in a visual and easily readable format, before or during the flight. 

AIRSupplies wind and temperature information valid from take-off to end of descent. Designed especially for airlines without Autoload capability. 

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