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See us at IATA Turbulence Aware Data FORUM

Next week AVTECH will speak at the IATA Turbulence Aware Forum in Chicago, 25th of September. We will present our IATA Turbulence Aware and Met Office 10K weather forecast integration into our proFLIGHT EFB application.

Our integration of both IATA Turbulence Aware and Met Office 10K in proFLIGHT allows us to provide pilots with a full decision support, both taking real-time experienced turbulence and the best forecasted turbulence there is in consideration. The picture shows the different layers of turbulence data provided in the proFLIGHT app.



  • New webinar!
  • Make sure to sign up to our next webinar about our EFB application proFLIGHT on the 30th of January!
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  • New videos on our YouTube channel!
  • You can now find three tutorials on how the proFLIGHT app works.
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