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BRA – Braathens Regional Airlines” Sweden's largest regional airline, operates from their Bromma-Stockholm Airport base on Swedish and international routes. With fierce competition, BRA focus intensely on safety, environ- mental friendly operation as well as customer satisfaction.

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Being an Air Support PPS customer, integration with external suppliers to add valuable services is very easy and does not require any system modification.

"By implementing Aventus SIGMA wind and weather information to all our pilots personal briefings, we have a better understanding and control of the environmental factors that affect the pilots decisions", 

Michael Visonj, Technical Chief Pilot, BRA.

Lufthansa Cargo

In a joint project, Lufthansa Cargo and AVTECH set forth to evaluate the effect on fuel consumption when high resolution wind information is utilized for in-flight updates.

The Aventus NowCast™ weather service gives pilots access to weather data of the highest quality available. When the data is fed into the aircraft Flight Management Computer this results in better flight optimization.

After an extensive and methodical evaluation, including a scientific review, it was determined that using wind data of exceptional quality had the possibility to reduce the actual fuel consumption on all flights.

"The difference between forecasted and actual wind data has been reduced significantly as we put the Met Office into use, which has lead to benefits for Lufthansa Cargo's fuel efficiency work. Together with AVTECH and Met Office we are now able to quantify our benefits in a comprehensive way!"

Laura Wächtler, Manager Fuel Efficiency, Lufthansa Cargo

Met Office

The Met Office has been at the forefront of global weather and climate science for 160 years. 

We combine the latest science with ground breaking advances in technology and local understanding to deliver operational advantage to all sectors of the aviation industry - airlines, airports, air traffic control and management, ground handling, airport construction and maintenance. Our work helps the industry increase safety and achieve operational efficiencies and cost savings” 

Jonathan Dutton, Met Office Business Manager.

Premium weather from the Met Office will further increase the value for airline users of the Aventus NowCast™ service as it increases the accuracy of the data uplinked to the aircraft.

As part of this partnership AVTECH has received a Superior Weather Forecast Quality Assurance from the Met Office. This ensures that our Aventus NowCast product line customers are getting the best available aviation weather forecasts existing in the world today.

Comparison of forecast accuracy

Met Office comparison forecast accuracy

Verification results of the Met Office's global model as a percentage difference to ECMWF* 

Source - Vision of  Precision

*ECMWF is the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting.

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