PPS Integration

Seamless integration

As a PPS Flight Planning customer you can now take full advantage of all of AVTECH’s efficiency tools. Our back end systems are completely configured to integrate directly with PPS for a seamless and quick access to our Aventus services.

This webpage is dedicated to Airlines using AIR SUPPORT’s PPS Flight Planning SystemAS logo_hor_RGB_400x43px

Aventus NowCast™ - The worlds best Wind Uplink system. Due to of our patented algorithms and the unique quality of weather data from Met Office’s High-Resolution Model, our customers can tell the difference. They save fuel, see increased accuracy and improved aircraft efficiency. If you operate an aircraft with a FMS connected to the CMU, this is what you are looking for! With full connection to your aircraft we can even add more services to our offer. Contact us today for more details!

Aventus AIR™ - Until recently, providing accurate Wind Data to aircraft without a connected FMS was not possible. Thanks to our AIR offering, the same fine benefits that are offered by NowCast can now be directed to your Flight Crews.

NorwegianIn a unique development program, together with Norwegian Airshuttle and the Swedish Energy Board, we have established a service extremely well suited for PPS Flight Planning integration.
Thanks to our connection to AIR SUPPORT, a PPS customer get access to the best wind data available in the market. In short, we will be adding our B737NG Increased Value Module, providing decision support to pilots to better judge when an altitude change is most optimum. More savings are just around the corner. Give us a call and we’ll tell you more.

Aventus SIGMA – Severe weather information of unmatched accuracy.

Thanks to our access to High-Resolution Severe Weather, we are proud to deliver
the most pilot friendly service on the market. Increased Severe Weather awareness gives Crews all the possibilities to avoid incidents that will cost you money and customer satisfaction.
BRA Regional Airline of
logoSweden have integrated SIGMA information into their PPS package, and we like you to try this too!
Our new iOS tablet App intuitively makes Flight Crew aware of dangers in their way, allowing them to avoid bumps and turbulence neither they or your customers like!
Contact us and explore how this can fit into your operation!

AIR SUPPORT customers already have an efficient operation.
Contact us and we’ll tell you how it can be even better!

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