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NEW In-flight Cruise Profile Optimizer

Optimizes the flight profile based on selected Cost Index and the real conditions.

The Cruise Profile Optimizer from AVTECH is a ground-based service that communicates with the aircraft via ACARS. It calculates the truly cost-optimal cruise profile based on selected cost index, actual performance data and the current atmosphere. 

Pilots will receive an easy to read report providing the decision support for selecting the most optimal flight level. 

  • More information will come, in the mean time you can access a webinar about the Optimizer on our Youtube channel
  • Power point from a presentation made in December by Stig Patey, where Norwegians results for November with the Cruise Profile Optimizer are shown. Click here to download PDF.
  • We are offering a free trial of this service for airlines in order to calculate the saving in your own operations. 

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All flight related weather information presented and visualized in a single place. Powered by the Met Office 10KM Resolution Global Weather model proFLIGHT can improve the safety and comfort of passengers and crew. The forecast is tailored to the flight's trajectory and time. Turbulence can be avoided or reduced. If turbulence is encountered, the crew will have the best information possible for the climb/descent decision.

Values and benefits

Combining AVTECH's Aventus premium services NOWCAST and SIGMA (powered by Met Office's 10KM resolution weather forecast), results in a unique decision support tool for professional pilots. Using the tailored weather information and flight path optimization leads to a safer flight both for passengers and crew and reduces the fuel burn and emissions. 

Premium Weather

Get real time access to the most detailed aviation weather forecast available today. The weather data can be updated at any time during flight preparation and/or in flight.

To see a short presentation on how IATA Turbulence Aware is integrated into proFLIGHT and combined with Met Office 10K turbulence forecast, please follow this link to our YouTube channel

User Friendly Visualization

Developed in a close cooperation with professional airline pilots to achieve a user friendly interface and a clear view of the weather and warnings/hazards along the planned flight route. The combination of the synchronized horizontal- and vertical view improves the pilot's situational awareness.

Pilot Decision Support

Combining the real time access to high resolution weather and flight path optimization, assists the pilot in making better pre- and in-flight decisions leading to a safer and more efficient flight.

To read more about proFLIGHT and to get all updates regarding the app, please visit the proFLIGHT Website.

On YouTube we have released tutorials on how proFLIGHT works, you can view them here:

1. How to quickstart proFLIGHT (a quickstart is possible if a part of your flight is inside EUROCONTROL area)

2. How to manually insert a flightplan

3. Weather layers in proFLIGHT



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Aventus NowCast™

Combines the very latest in Aviation weather forecasting with a state of the art FMS uplink. Save fuel, increase performance and Reduce CO2!

Values and Benefits

The world’s leading wind uplink service for connected aircraft to save fuel and improve accuracy.

It reduces fuel consumption by supplying the on-board flight computer with up-to-date meteorological information.

It’s easy to use, easy to implement and brings the highest benefits wind uplinking can bring.

Simply the best wind uplink service available.

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Aventus SIGMA

The AVTECH Aventus SIGMA, a unique weather uplink service that sends weather alerts directly to the Cockpit

Values and benefits

Aventus SIGMA, a high-quality tool that very adequately presents Weather hazards (such as Icing, Turbulence, Volcanic ash, etc) to your aircraft, is a real-time weather alerting system which communicates through ACARS and assures your company’s aircraft are notified to new meteorological hazards related to the actual route in the FMS. The design of Aventus SIGMA reduces pilot workload and relieves the crew of difficult and inexact interpretation of weather maps, which sometimes can be 6 hours old.

Aventus SIGMA focuses on applying only the parts of hazardous weather which affect your flight. Alerts are related to points in your flight plan (instead of LAT/LONG) and if ATC gives your flight a route change, SIGMA will apply the new route to any hazardous weather along the path and send them to your aircraft.

With the latest forecasts on turbulence, icing, departure and arrival weather qualified decisions can be made that allows mistakes to be avoided.  

Aventus SIGMA uses AVTECH’s unique weather service to send curated weather information from the world’s most advanced forecasts based on the high resolution meteorological models from Met Office (UK). 

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What does the pilot get?

The Aventus SIGMA tool can be tailored to meet all operative needs.
Below is an example of what a crew could expect using Aventus SIGMA:

Enroute_turb_SWC data


Aventus Air™

Aventus AIR™ is a unique solution for sending important FMS weather data to aircraft without the Autoload function. Tried in operation and loved by the pilots.

Values and benefits

AVTECH has engineered a solution for customers who wish to experience the benefits of Aventus without meeting the technical requirement of having the Flight Management System connected to ACARS or the Communications Management Unit. The system, Aventus Air allows the same wind information utilized within Aventus NowCast service offerings to be sent to the ACARS printer. Thus allowing crews access to the same, high quality weather information which can be manually input by crews in to the FMS.

Additionally, for operators who do meet the technical requirements for Aventus NowCast, Aventus Air can still be enabled thus giving crews both real time wind information directly to the FMS while also allowing them to print the same robust weather information.

Technical Requirements:

Aircraft will need to be ACARS equipped with a functioning ACARS printer.  In addition the aircraft will need to be able to send an OOOI message (on, off, Out, in) while also having the capability for the crew to send preprogrammed MCDU or free text messages.

Management Dashboard

Information is powerful!

Values and benefits

Understanding information is, however what truly allows us to lean and adapt to the environment around us. With this in mind AVTECH created its Management Dashboard, a cloud based solution which allows users to get valuable information, displayed in a user friendly way to their desktop, tablet or phone.

When the Management Dashboard is paired with Aventus Nowcast™, the system receives a host of information from the FMS which allows managers, decision makers and fuel savings engineer’s powerful insights to the operation of their fleet as a whole or an aircraft in particular. Additionally, other outside data sources can be combined to give stakeholders information related to:

  • Cost Index
  • Fuel usage
  • Aircraft weight
  • Planned or updated trajectories
    (found and programmed within the FMS)

The service is optimized to be used with other AVTECH products or as a standalone support tool.


Contact AVTECH today to schedule a demonstration of the product: +46 (0) 8 544 104 80.

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Questions and Answers

Where does weather information for Aventus NowCast Come from?

Over the last five years AVTECH has performed an exhaustive due diligence on the global Met-industry in a quest to provide the very best in Met to our customers. Based on this due diligence AVTECH decided to work with two different Met-suppliers. Panasonic Weather Services and the UK Met office. Each organization brings unique capabilities and services while providing the best in Met resolutions to respective parts of the world. Additionally, utilizing two Met services allows AVTECH to ensure robust redundancy within its Aventus system. Panasonic offers a unique forecasting solution by utilizing not only state of the art modeling but also aircraft derived weather data through their own TAMDAR system. TAMDAR is a dedicated sensor which Panasonichas equipped to many aircraft throughout North America and Europe which can send detailed weather information over SATCOM at high update frequencies.

What is the quality of the weather compared to industry standard?

Many flight planning suppliers and most aviation Met organizations currently use the World Area Forecast Model which is produced to an ICAO specification by state Met providers. In many cases these state Met suppliers have high resolution weather models whose qualities exceed the ICAO specification thus the model is essentially downgraded in order to comply.

How are Wind Uplink level selected?

The AVTECH Aventus system has a unique understanding of the range of FMS systems found within different airline operations. The Aventus system understands how different FMS's will interpolate winds entered into the FMS, as well as the number of wind fields that ae acailable within that specific FMS. Wind levels are selected for "Enroute" phase and for "Climb and Descent" phases. 

What if my FMS is not connected to my CMU?

The Aventus AIR service allows winds forecast to be sent directly to the ACARS printer when requested by crews. A service which requires less aircraft technical requirements than other Aventus service offerings.

What benefits does Aventus bring other than Fuel Savings?

Outside fuel savings Aventus provides the following benefits:Reduction in Operational Variance: Aventus ease of use will allow for an easy integration in Airline SOP.Ease of Use and Crew Offload: Aventus automatically starts the optimization workflow, with no crew interaction required and will automatically load the descent winds into the FMS. Flight crew will, however, always have the option to accept or reject the suggested Uplink.Increased Accuracy when flying time based operations.Environmental savings; saved fuel means a reduced CO2 footprint.

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