When Weather Matters!

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Aventus NowCast™

Combines the very latest in Aviation weather forecasting with a state of the art FMS uplink. Save fuel, increase performance and Reduce CO2! 

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Aventus SIGMA

The AVTECH Aventus SIGMA, a unique weather uplink service that sends weather alerts directly to the Cockpit.

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Aventus Air™

Aventus AIR™ is a unique solution for sending important FMS weather data to aircraft without the Autoload function. Tried in operation and loved by the pilots. Save fuel and CO2 and reduce pilot workload with Aventus AIR™

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AVTECH and Norwegian Airshuttle A/S announces plans for expanded cooperation to reduce fuel consumption

AVTECH Sweden AB announces signing a Letter of Intent with Norwegian Airshuttle...

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Webinar 27 September

Advanced Real-Time Weather Briefing and Alerts Pilot App Demo Webinar [inc:...

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AVTECH's unique cooperation with Met Office, UK defines us as the only company that have commercial access to the world’s most accurate weather model on the market, Met Office’s High-Resolution Weather (HRW).

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