Optimize your In-Flight Efficiency
Seamless 4D trajectory optimization. Integration of weather, winds, and Enhanced situational awareness
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4th & 5th June 2024, Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference – EMEA
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Saving 2,5% Fuel
All of our customers experienced a return on investment within the initial months
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Avoiding Hazardous weather
Excellent turbulence safety turning your air operation into a smooth ride
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We are convinced that new tools combined with the latest advances in weather forecasting and available computing power can significantly increase flight safety and sustainability today

Save fuel & time

Airlines can achieve savings of up to 2.5% in fuel and time costs through real-time flight optimization. This is achieved by providing precise weather data to the onboard flight computer, resulting in more accurate fuel and time predictions

Cut Emissions

By providing pilots with easy tools to fly more efficiently, airlines can increase their sustainability and instantly reduce their carbon footprint with up to 2.5%

Increase Safety & Comfort

Receive automated, pilot-friendly reports that provide critical awareness and guidance for avoiding in-flight turbulence. These reports are generated using precise, high-resolution turbulence forecasts

Easy deployment

AVTECH’s services are easy to deploy in any airline operation, using existing installed aircraft technology, without requiring any investment in new onboard hardware

With better information and improved in-flight performance, pilots can fly more precise, sustainable and safe

AVTECH’s unique ground-based software services operate with access to unlimited computational resources. It uses the existing datalink connection to the onboard flight computer and retrieves real-time flight parameters utilizing higher-resolution 10km weather data, far more precise compared to the standard 140km aviation weather forecast.


Real-time flight optimization service delivered directly to the pilots saving airlines 2,5% cruise fuel and emissions.
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A unique weather and optimization app visualizing High-Resolution weather and CB-information.
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High-Resolution wind and temperature uplink service, enhancing the accuracy of the FMC predictions resulting in direct fuel savings and a more precise arrival time.
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Accurate turbulence information alerting the pilots of upcoming hazardous weather, including SIGMET information.
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Start saving today

We offer free customer trials and solutions tailored to your airline operation.

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Cruise fuel and Co2 reduction of 2,5% average from using ClearPath
Average yearly descent fuel saving per aircraft using Aventus

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AVTECH Recruiting Louise Larsson
As a Research and Development Engineer, she's dedicated to preparing ClearPath's speed optimization module for flight trials.
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ClearPath makes Volotea eco-efficient
Explore how flight path optimization plays a crucial role in helping Volotea achieve eco-efficiency in the Summer 2023 edition of Aircraft IT Operations eJournal.
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SkyTeam Sustainable Flight Challenge 2023
AVTECH Supports KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to push the boundaries of sustainability in the aviation industry.
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AVTECH ClearPath Noticed by SKYNEWS
Following a successful webinar hosted by the UK Met Office, AVTECH’s ClearPath service was noticed by Sky News.
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Optimal flying saves fuel and time
Read about the latest case study with Norwegian!
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More than 1,450 aircraft are already benefiting from AVTECH services every day


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