Real-Time flight path optimization with High-Resolution weather and real aircraft parameters such as weight, cost Index, and routing. Saving airlines 2.5% cruise fuel and emissions and effectively avoids severe turbulence and temperatures outside the flight envelope.

The optimal trajectory is delivered directly to the pilots

To find the most cost-effective trajectory, ClearPath uses high-performance ground-based computation. The pilots receive excellent decision support in an ACARS message advising them of the most efficient flight profile to fly.

Airlines show an average cruise fuel and CO2 reduction of 2.5% using ClearPath
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Automatic Service

ClearPath is a fully automatic service which ensures that every flight is optimized with minimum pilot workload resulting in high compliancy rate and maximized value for the airline.

Cost Index Optimal

The flight path is optimized based on the actual Cost Index for each individual flight, automatically detected by the service.

Easy Deployment

There is no need for installation or modifications enabling quick deployment. ClearPath uses existing hardware and software onboard that easily can be customized to fit into any airline SOP.


European airline Norwegian, reduced their emissions with 15,000 tons of CO2 in a year

Watch AVTECHs and Norwegians success story together with the UK Met Office

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