Wizz Air UK selects AVTECHs Aventus and SIGMA services

AVTECH Sweden AB (publ) and Wizz Air UK have entered into a 3-year agreement for AVTECHs Aventus and SIGMA in-flight services, with an expected start in December 2023 and expected total value in the range of 1.1 to 1.6 MSEK dependent on fleet and EUR exchange rate development.

AVTECHs in-flight services are based on the latest high-resolution aviation weather forecasting from the UK Met Office. Aventus delivers precise and tailored wind and temperature information to the cockpit in-flight, while SIGMA provides automatic notifications about turbulence and other weather hazards along the flight path. This leads to improved flight efficiency, punctuality, and passenger comfort on Wizz Air UK flights.

“We are happy to welcome Wizz Air UK as a service customer after a thorough product evaluation process. We now look forward towards a great collaboration leading to substantial sustainability and safety improvements, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate the full value potential of deploying the services on Wizz Air’s entire fleet”, says David Rytter, AVTECHs CEO.

About Aventus

The Aventus Full-flight Winds service provides optimized weather uplinks for each stage of a flight, including the climb, enroute and descent phases. Aventus is a unique and patented system, enabling accurate wind information and 4D Trajectories for flights, making use of the very best in atmospheric modelling to create wind data packages for the different phases of a flight. Data packages are uplinked in real-time to the aircraft to enable the onboard Flight Management Computer (FMC) to accurately calculate a flight profile and the time when each route waypoint will be reached. The Aventus solution is environmentally friendly as it enables aircraft to fly more efficient altitudes and RNP approaches resulting in immediate airline fuel and CO2 savings benefits. The service is also imperative for future time-based flight operations, an area where Aventus provides even larger overall environmental and operational benefits. Time-based operations will increase the efficiency and punctuality of individual flights and of the air transport system.


The SIGMA weather hazards service presents precise turbulence data and other weather hazards, such as icing, thunderstorms, and volcanic ash, to the pilots in real time throughout the flight. SIGMA monitors the flight and provides tactical weather updates related to the actual 4D route in the flight computer including any route changes. The service filters and presents only the hazardous weather that affects each specific flight, significantly reducing data transmission and pilot workload. SIGMA is based on an advanced high-resolution weather forecast from the UK Met Office which combined with AVTECHs algorithms provides a new level of pilot decision support. Based on up-to-date information about turbulence and other weather hazards, flight crews can now make qualified tactical decisions to avoid passenger discomfort, equipment damage, and expensive aircraft maintenance checks.


About Wizz Air

Wizz Air, Europe's fastest growing ultra-low-cost airline operates a fleet of 191 Airbus A320s and A321s. A team of aviation professionals offers superior service and very low fares, making Wizz Air the preferred choice of 57.6 million passengers between October 2022 – September 2023. Wizz Air is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol WIZZ.  The airline was recently named one of the world's ten safest airlines by airlineratings.com, the world's only safety and product rating agency, and named Airline of the Year by Air Transport Awards in 2019 and 2023. Wizz Air was also recognised as 'Most Sustainable Low-Cost Airline' in the World Finance Sustainability Awards in 2021-2023, as 'Airline Group of the Year for Global Environmental Sustainability' by CAPA-Centre for Aviation Awards for Excellence in 2022-2023 and “Europe’s Leading Low-Cost Airline 2023” by World Travel Awards.

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